Final Thoughts Letter

Dear Future Human,

I am really excited to share with you about my experience as an  international student in Lincoln Lutheran. It has been a long journey and a very productive one as I look back at it. My first day in Lincoln Lutheran was the moment I will still remember. I was having different kinds of thoughts about what the new environment might bring as a challenge in my life. But then, it was all done and gone before I realised it. Senior year went like a wind that I didn’t realize until now. I’m sure you would have the same type of feeling in your mind as you come to a class or attend a new school on your first day here. As much as I would like to talk about first day expressions and feelings, I have to tell you few things before I leave Lincoln Lutheran.

I have learned that in order to succeed in high school since you’re no longer a middle schooler, you have to use your time wisely in class and be productive. Use your classmates and your teacher if you need help with anything. Wasting time in class will cause you to be more stressed later because you will have more work piling up on your homework list. You have to set your priorities right and take what you’ve learned and put them into practice.

The next thing that I learned while I was in Lincoln Lutheran is that you have to keep your resources. Resources such as notes, handouts or other helpful tips that your teacher gives to you during class. Also, keep your assignments and tests too. Trust me, they will be a lot more helpful to you when you needed them the most because you will see your mistakes and learn from them by doing the right thing. Also, you will see where you did something right and carry on from there.

I would also like to give you few advice or aphorisms that you will hopefully keep it in your mind.

First thing first, God is your greatest shield. Put God first in everything you do. Talk to Him about all your worries and problem. Give Him praise and honor at all times in what you do because all the honor and glory belongs to Him. Lincoln Lutheran is a Christ-Centered school where you are free to express your faith in Christ and to be reminded of what God has done and has given to you. God answers our prayers in his own timing and that He wouldn’t forget about you. Don’t be afraid share your faith with others around you. Ask God for guidance and protection, encouragements and most importantly confidence too because through Him, everything is possible.

Secondly, confidence is your guardian armor. Do not be scared to take any challenges that you go through in life. Make sure you understand a given situation and give your best performance. If you think that you are not fit, your are not clever, you are not brave, or you are not valuable in the society, you have to think twice cause trust me, you are important. Do not let others drag you down with their mean and hurtful words. Let that talk about you and mind your own business. Focus in school. Be brave. Wear your guardian armor and use it to do other activities that may be needed in school. Have fun and more importantly, be a part of the community in sports, community services and other activities. Use your God given talents and be proud of it.

And finally, keep your head up. Yes, there may be times where you might end up in a certain situation that you completely lose hope in yourself and begin to have doubts. But always focus on the good side rather than stressing too much on the bad situations. Know that things happen for a reason and that the burden that you have right now will vanish away in no time. It’s always safe to focus on the good side of life because you will be motivated. But always keep in mind that the mistakes that you do now will help you in the future later on. Do not be afraid to make mistakes because they will teach you a lesson. They will guide you to switch lanes to the steady lane, rather than the bumpy road.

To close off, I would like to leave you with a special passage from the bible, which is also one of my favourite verse. It’s from Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I chose this passage because it fits well with my letter, specifically the three aphorisms because they’re based on strength and hope. Alway remember that with God, everything is possible and that you can be yourself and use your God-given talents to the fullest. Be proud of who you are and never give up in life.

I hope you will read this letter and consider some of the advice that I gave because they basically sum up part of my experience in Lincoln Lutheran High School. Keep your family and friends closer. Enjoy school and get good grades. With that all being said, enjoy the rest of your summer holidays and good luck on your next chapter in life.

Sincerely Yours,

Romonah Kond