Writing for Community Awareness- Ethnicity


Pan Dulce Panaderia Bakery

Pan Dulce Panaderia Bakery

April 10, 2016, 5:00 PM By Romonah Kond

Lincoln is home to many cultural backgrounds. What makes each one of them different is the type of service they provide to the community. One of them is the Pan Dulce Panaderia Bakery. It is a bakery owned by Hispanic immigrants that do a better job of serving the people’s appetite.

Above the exact name of the bakery, you can see the big bold name titled, “Esquina de los Hispanos,” which translates as the “Corner of Hispanics.” The red brick building together with its outstanding Hispanic title stands out the most in the south street.

Located right at the corner of the street at 801 S 11th Street, Downtown Lincoln, Panaderia Bakery does seem to attract a lot of customers. Panaderia Bakery seats in Lincoln’s own neighborhood, the Everett neighbourhood.

This outstanding bakery features a lot of goods as in “better” and delicious collections of traditional Latin American bakeries. As you open the door and walk into Pan Dulce Panaderia Bakery, the aroma of the delicious Hispanic food will completely melt your mouth. The moment you set your foot in Panaderia Bakery, you will be amazed and tempted to try out everything at once. This is because as you walk in, the amazing and delicious good looking treats will stare right back at you outstandingly.

The baked goods are well organized and are really appealing to the eye. They are stored in neat display shelves with glass and easy handles for opening and closing. They have serving utensils such as tongs and small trays for customers to use, and small packages for packing those delicious treats too. This makes it easy and convenient for the customers to take it to go.

They have a section of their own Hispanic pastries that come in different types of sizes with amazing designs and icings. There is a section of different types of flavoured cookies and cupcakes that taste so good when you take a bite too. Their cakes also come in various flavor such as lemon, chocolate or even red velvet. Also, they have their birthday cakes in a separate freezer that stands right next to the collection freezer of pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

What makes it even more compelling to grab a treat at Pan Dulce is that the prices are inexpensive. This causes the customers to stop during the day and grab their favourite treat. All of those amazing and mouth satisfying treats are so tasty that can fill up your hungry stomach.

Speaking from past experience, Pan Dulce has been one of my favourite bakeries. The type of goods they provide and the warm atmosphere gives a welcoming call to their customers. Also, the people that work in the Bakery are so welcoming and open towards their customers. One more thing to add to this review is that they have their Hispanic songs on the radio played as background music, which makes the Bakery even more energetic.

So, if you ever want to satisfy your taste bud with some mouthwatering treats, don’t hesitate to stop at Pan Dulce Panaderia Bakery.

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6 Responses to Writing for Community Awareness- Ethnicity

  1. Pan Dulce is literally the best bakery in Lincoln. I’m so glad that you wrote about this business because they are so underrated! I think that you chose a fantastic genre to go with your community experience. You did a good job with covering an array of different aspects and areas associated with Pan Dulce so that readers can get a feel for what you personally experienced.

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  2. miahermanson says:

    Good job describing the atmosphere of the bakery! I’ve been here before and you described the energy of the place really well. Also, I enjoy your positive word choice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate Staab says:

    I have never been to the downtown location and am eager to try it out now! Great descriptions of the treat, I really liked how you described the treats starting back at you. Also great conclusion, it gives your opinion of the bakery and suggests it to the reader :).

    Liked by 1 person

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