Hunger as an Issue in our World today – Post #6

In my previous post (post #5), I talked about some possible solutions in ending the issue of hunger in our world today. I also talked about some suggestions that were made by my sources towards the government and nations such as the United States. So, in this post, it will be my final post on the “series of posts” week. I will talk about how we can contribute towards the issue in our world by helping the needy and saving lives in our community. This will then lead to the conclusion of my research paper on “Hunger as an Issue in our World today.”

The main concern of hunger is that people need to actually help each other. The government needs to be more involved in this issue with other organizations so that hunger is reduced or solved. It’s not safe to see or hear that people are losing their lives from food shortage. We have a lot of food in our communities from crops or farming that we can help each other. This then leads to the conclusion of how we need to act against the matter of hunger in our community.

Starting in our communities, we need to do our best by helping others who are starving. Most of the time we do not realize or watch our surroundings in our own community. We tend to focus on ourselves and ignore strangers or poor people who are suffering out on the streets. We need to be open-minded and look out for our surroundings. See if anybody needs a meal, breakfast or even snack. There are a lot of people living outside on the streets with having nothing to eat at all.

Personally, I’ve seen people that look for food in the trash bins outside on the streets back home. These people are mainly homeless people who have nowhere to go that live near trash areas and outside of big buildings or stores. Sometimes during the day, those homeless people walk randomly into restaurants and check the trash bins for any leftover food items. This then causes an argument where the manager or the securities yell at them to get out of the restaurant. But when I compare homeless people back home and people I see here, it’s a little bit different. I barely see a homeless person walk into a restaurant and grab leftovers out of the bin; they have their little signs and little cans/hats on the side of the roads. Anyways, most of the times, I see people going to food pantries around Lincoln. Also, I know that some churches provide free food and clothes to people who don’t have enough every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Just like those church organizations providing food to the needy, we as individuals must take a stand and do the same. They might need at least a dollar to buy their meal. We must be generous enough to give with our hearts so that we are helping those in need. You will feel really good after giving food or even money to the needy because I’ve done that before with my siblings. Even though you have enough for yourself, at least giving little to others in need will make a big difference in their lives and your life too.

To summarize, hunger is the main issue that needs to be solved by government, other organizations and even small community organizations. If the government and powerful nations in our world could come together as a greater force and have their main goal of eradicating hunger, then it could save a lot of lives who are living in developed and developing nations. Also, governments should establish effective policies that could actually work towards helping out the needy. The topic itself is an effect of poverty. In order to solve hunger, there has to be a combination of political will from powerful nations and their government, and other organizations. Hunger needs to be solved promptly because it causes a lot of damages in the lives of the people that are going through this experience.



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