Hunger as an Issue in our World today – Post #1

In this first post, I am going to introduce the topic of hunger itself and move on into the causes of hunger. This would help you understand the topic and lead you to an understanding of where the issue comes from.

Throughout my whole life, I have been told that I must not take things for granted because other kids are suffering. When I was a kid, during meals, my parents would tell me to eat what is on the plate and never complain about it. Now I came to realize that it is important to take things as they come and not argue or say that “I would rather have this food than that food” or “I don’t like this food, it doesn’t taste delicious at all.” All these come down to the point of where we complain about the possessions we are very fortunate to own in our life such as food. This then brings us to the topic of hunger. One of the common effects of poverty is hunger. It should be examined and be solved by the government, other organizations, and communities before it is too late to save a life.

Hunger is one of the main issues in our world today. Some people don’t see famine as a problem because we, as privileged individuals, are helplessly blind to those who are in need of vital necessities. Unfortunately, other people in the world are suffering from hunger and are going through a lot of struggles in their lives regarding poverty as well. What needs to be addressed is the issue of hunger and its main cause, its results or effects, who is experiencing it,  how much the government is putting into the matter, which countries are mostly suffering from it, why it is still a matter in our world today, and possible solutions to end starvation.  

It is often said that poverty is a state of being extremely poor. The problem of hunger itself fits in here because hunger is when someone does not receive sufficient food to eat in order to gain enough energy and vital nutrients. According to Hilal Elver, “It is the economic system that is responsible for this prevalence of poverty and hunger. Recently, climate change has been added to the list of causes” (Guardian News). Climate change could be a contributor to the issue of hunger because Josette Sheeran agrees by stating that “And almost without exception, the countries struggling to feed their people are those most at risk from advancing climate change” (5). Not only is climate change seen as a cause of hunger but Sheeran also claims that “The poor become hungry for many reasons, ranging from the disastrous combination of high prices and global recession to conflict, disease, marginalization, discrimination, bad governance, and natural disasters” (3). Also, Hilal Elver admits that “The root causes of food insecurity and malnutrition are poverty and inequity rather than shortages” (Guardian News). Elver and Sheeran are saying that the causes of hunger are mainly natural disasters, economic struggles, weak government, disease, poverty and inequity.  If those root causes are the main reasons behind the hunger, then there has to be a well-planned action that could be done to diminish those causes. People go through a lot in their lives, even if it means to be hungry or just suffering from poverty. As a result, when people experience this miserable issue in their lives and starve to death, experiencing the effects of hunger itself can lead to major harm to their lives.



Elver, Hilal. “Why are there still so many hungry people in the world?.” Guardian News 19   Feb 2015. Print

Sheeran, Josette. “How To End Hunger.” Washington Quarterly 33.2 (2010): 3. MasterFILE Complete. Web. 4 Mar. 2016.


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