Hunger as an Issue in our World today-A Series of Posts

This weak, I’ll be starting a series of posts based on one of the main issue that we have in our world today. The issue that I will be posting a series of posts about is on hunger. This includes how the government handles the issue, which countries are affected by it, it’s main causes,who is suffering from it, why it is still an issue in our world and some possible solutions to end this issue.

I chose to write my research paper on the issue of hunger because of its effects and problems that it causes in the lives of the people around the world and our communities that we live in. Having to read about documentaries, seeing news and even reading about life stories has caused me to write my research paper on hunger too. The topic itself seems to be an issue that a lot of people are not aware of what it is and the troubles that it has on the people’s lives. With hunger, there has been a lot of damages and casualties over the years.

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