Final of Creative Piece

First Poem: Free Verse
Flying Fighter

Full of determination
With strength and power.

Soaring above the heavens,
Below the white clouds,
The Great Eagle flew swiftly
With beautiful magical wings
Causing a magnificent shadow under the sun.

Over the thick forest,
Below the plain blue sky,
The Great Eagle glides by every other creature
Watching and inspecting on their habitat.

Creatures beneath him fear and tremble
Little did they know,
The Great Eagles is as important as the Lion King,
Roaring and guarding the jungle.

Silent as the deep night,
With sharp tenacious eyes
He guards them from danger,
Especially from strangers.

Under the thick dark sky,
He carefully listens and waits
Faithfully lingering for a sound
A cry of fear, torture or pain
Any sound from an helpless animal.

Into the massive jungle,
He strikes like lightning,
Electrifying the problem
And saving the victim
The Great Eagle is the guardian angel.

Second Poem: Villanelle
Mama’s Little Lambs

A woman strong so full of hope
She faces the world so mightily
With fearless thoughts she leads her lambs.

With no one to help, she couldn’t cope
The husband she lost surprisingly
A woman strong so full of hope.

As days go by and nights elope,
She comforts her lambs courageously
With fearless thoughts she leads her lambs.

As hunger strikes, the lambs they mope
But mother provides so easily
A woman strong so full of hope.

She searched for answers and met a Pope
Who settled her heart so peacefully
With fearless thoughts she leads her lambs.

Now come days and nights that grope
She fights and wins so restlessly
A woman strong so full of hope
With fearless thoughts she leads her lambs.

Third Poem: Free Verse
Ma, the provider
Her soft white hair,
Those beautiful brown eyes,
And her broad smile
All fits well with her character.

Being reliable,
Ever so caring,
And your great words of wisdom,
Together your positive energy defines you.

The actions you make,
Our burdens you take,
And the words you speak
Will always linger in my heart.

Your warm heart,
Full of love and joy
You show hope where there is none
All your goodness comes from within your soul.

How lucky am I?
The countless sacrifices you do,
The times when I was in need,
You never let me down.

Caring for all your generations,
Bearing our burdens,
Bringing peace to our storms
And leading us to the right path
You never let us down.

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