Heroism vs. Heroism Concepts

For the past few weeks, I was fortunate enough to learn about what it takes a person to be a hero and what heroism really means through some of the great books that we read in English 4. Specifically, the book, V for Vendetta by Alan Moore helped me to identify the idea of heroism. I also gathered some conclusion from few of the clips from The Dark Knight movie that had some concepts of heroism. It all comes down to being a hero in the society. So to me, a hero is someone who is brave, has the courage and is strong enough to be there for the people and rescue them when they are in danger.

When we read V for Vendetta in class, I had some mixed feelings on where the character V stands on. But after having small group discussions in class and discussing the book as a whole group, it helped me to draw conclusions on V. So, I concluded that V, the “terrorist” also known as “Codename V” is neither a hero nor a villain. V is not a hero because he mentioned in the book saying, “Everybody is special. Everybody. Everybody is a hero, a lover, a villain. Everybody. Everybody has a story to tell” (26). Anyways, V is against the government. The type of government that is set in the book portrays a very strict government system in that it contains a type of “body”, with parts of it; the head, they eye, the ear, the nose, the mouth and the hand. All those body parts of the government gather information and work together for the leader (head). The government itself is full of lies and has a corrupted system. This then creates the society to be corrupted. The people live with terror and fear. They do not have the freedom to act and do what they please because the government is very strict. And so, V destroyed the corrupted government by restoring and giving back freedom to the people. The character V focuses on the goal of getting rid of chaos. The government sees V as the most wanted terrorist. They believe that V is the bad guy here but really, they are the ones who are playing the “bad guy.” The character V stated clearly about what he thinks about the government by saying, “People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people” (V for Vendetta). So V is all about anarchy, that is having control and plan to fix the government. With that being said, V for Vendetta is somewhat connected to the movie, The Dark Knight.

The movie, The Dark Knight had some concepts of heroism that helped me to find the connection between V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight. As V is all about anarchy, I see the same goal in the Joker. They are both terrorists and they wear masks to hide their true identity. But knowing that they both want anarchy, they act in different ways to achieve it. Both V and Joker kill and destroy, but the difference between both of the character is that V is trying to get rid of the corrupted government and give back the people’s freedom back to them. On the other end, the Joker just wants to have total control over Gotham city by killing and destroying the people of Gotham. But even though they want anarchy and they fight for it, it doesn’t give both of them the same title “hero.” The way I see it is that the Joker is the villain but V is more of an anti-hero, he is just in the middle of a villain and a hero.

In addition, the government system in The Dark Knight is less corrupt than the government system in V for Vendetta because the true hero, Batman saves Gotham city by capturing the Joker and killing Harvey. While in V for Vendetta, the anti-hero, V destroys the government and gives back freedom to the people. After Batman saved Gotham, he knew that the people of Gotham city would somehow lose hope that they would not be safe again. So he decided to run away from Gotham city by telling Gordon that “sometimes, the truth isn’t good enough” (The Dark Knight). He told Gordon to tell the cops to go after him by seeing him as the bad guy. But he never left the people of Gotham city with less hope and the feelings that they would not be safe at all. Batman became the dark knight, a silent guardian of Gotham city providing safety and giving the people of Gotham city hope.

To conclude, both the V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight portray the idea of heroism in a way that they sacrifice themselves to provide hope and freedom to the people, and even themselves like the Joker. But these heroes influence us in a good way that there is still hope and that everything will be alright. Their brave actions influence us to be heroes in our own world too. So the idea of heroism is that it takes a bold person to be a hero by fighting for the rights of the people.

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