Writing for Community Awareness – Kaneko Glass Tower

This piece is a free verse poem of the Kaneko Glass Tower located at Downtown Lincoln. I chose to write a poem on this artistic sculpture because I think that it is one of the most amazing sculpture in town. Also, I want others to see what I like to stare at when I walk past or drive past it. I hope it will interest you to go and see this amazing glass tower.


Kaneko Glass Tower view in daylight

Kaneko Glass Tower view  at daytime.  


The Kaneko Glass Tower

Dull in the daylight,
Bright at night,
How attractive can it be?
Staring at it for some seconds,
I couldn’t seem to get my eyes off from it.
As I relish on its uniqueness
And outstanding beauty,
It captivated my soul.

I paused for a moment,
Thinking to myself…
Why are you so attractive?

As artistic as you seem,
You are one of a kind tower
The ever so glowy tower…
Wait it’s not just a tower!
It’s the Kaneko Glass Tower.

How dazzling is your beauty?
Skillfully designed in your finest form
And adding more artistry in town.

The Kaneko Glass Tower remains beautiful
Strikingly standing tall at 13th and P street of Downtown Lincoln
With its magnificent colored stained glasses,
Shining bright like a diamond.

As it may not be attractive at day,
It glows from within at night
Blazing and brightening the streets
Remarkably reflecting through the stained glasses.
Shining beautifully
And showing off at the same time,
It seems to be a fantasy
But the 57 foot glassed tower fascinates the public
As it is realistic in all its glory.

High as it can go,
No one would reach it
And still no one can even match its height.

Fascinating the public,
The 57 foot Kaneko Glass Tower in its classic structure
Remains to be one of the most elegant,
And magnificent sculpture in town.

Kaneko Glass Tower view at night.

Kaneko Glass Tower view at

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One Response to Writing for Community Awareness – Kaneko Glass Tower

  1. rjank1 says:

    I love the two pictures – light during the day, then ending with that display of brilliance at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

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