Personal Essay

During my childhood years, my family and I have visited a lot of places within my country. We usually travel on our mid-term breaks. Whenever we do, we always bring a cousin or a relative along with us and share jokes and have fun during the trips. In my country, you will find that anybody you come across is somewhat related to you. Just like Debra Marquart mentioned in her essay, “The Most Famous Person from North Dakota”, that there’s a general feeling in small towns that everybody is distantly related to you.

Now living here in the States, I have been introduced to many different cultures. Here everybody keeps their family close together, minds their own business and are very private with their lives. Back home, its very different and more community and family based. For example if anyone is in trouble or if there was a fight, the family, church and community would take part in that situation and help solve the problem together. But sometimes I wonder about how much good it would also bring if people back home integrated the idea of respecting family privacy.

Even though I love my country, I always wanted to know and experience what other countries were all about. Now that God has given me this opportunity to study in America, I will forever be grateful. All my life, I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to get the best education and continue to achieve my goals in life. Now that I am blessed and have gotten the chance to live in one of my dream place, America, I will continue to nurture this opportunity and be the best person I can be in life.

It was me and my five siblings plus my cousin brother. We got our tickets and  got on the plane. Across the big blue Pacific Ocean, leaving behind huge mountains and steep valleys of the tropical nation Papua New Guinea, we made our way to Australia, the Land Down Under. Below my feet were rivers, and clear streams flowing by Australia’s forest. But it was flying over the bright red Great Sandy Desert of Australia that blew my mind. 

 When the plane arrived in Australia, we waited for the next plane to Los Angeles, California. It was my first time to travel out of the country so I was really excited. As night drew near on our way to Los Angeles, we were all prepared to take this 16 hours flight. Loosing behind a day with the time difference, the Land of Down Under was no more to be seen. After the 16 hour flight from Australia to Los Angeles, we finally made it to the states around 3 in the morning. 

Then we made our way to the next plane, Los Angeles to Phoenix Arizona. My feet was in the air again but the scenery outside just became the most beautiful view with all the big city lights below me. After a couple of hours we landed in Phoenix and then we had to catch our last plane to Nebraska. We couldn’t keep up with the time difference, so when everybody else in the plane were relaxing, we were already asleep. Anyways, we finally arrived in Omaha. On our drive to Seward, I was amazed by the tall buildings and the busy traffic lanes. I have seen and experienced things that I have dreamed of seeing and this moment of flying to America just satisfied my soul.

One of the reason I love about America is that most of the stores sell cheap products. I guarantee you that most of the food here are way more cheaper than the food sold back home. I have come to love the different types of food dishes from different ethnic groups here in the States too. 

I am so blessed and thankful that God has made it possible for me to study in the States. I am also thankful for my hardworking parents who have sacrificed a lot for me to get a good education here. I am looking forward for greater opportunities and I can’t wait for college.

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2 Responses to Personal Essay

  1. Kate Staab says:

    I love this insight into your journey Romonah, such a cool story. And so amazing how you have chosen to make the best of the situation and realize your blessings because I can only imagine how much you miss your home.


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