Writing for Community Awareness – Vina Market

Lincoln, Nebraska has a lot of unique ethnic groups around the city. Especially on N 27th St. I am going to enlighten you about one of my favorite store, Vina Market. It is known as Vina Market, Groceries and Oriental Food Store. Vina Market is located on 611 N 27th St #4, Lincoln, NE 68503.

For most of you who might not know what the word oriental mean, it is basically a word associated with Asians. With that being said, Vina Market is runned by Vietnamese. The employer and his employees are very friendly and helpful. Vina Market is also cheap. You may find yourself getting a good amount of groceries and food at Vina Market.

Now that you know what I am going to enlighten you about, let’s just go ahead and learn all about Vina Market. So, you may be wondering, what can I find in Vina Market? Or what do I need to know about Vina Market? In order to answer your question, I’ve created a “need to know” list below.
You need to know that Vina Market has:

  • Fresh vegetables, greens, potatoes and groceries in general
  • Canned foods
  • Fish, chicken and other meats in the freezer
  • Camera
  • All the food are fresh
  • Fresh foods come in every Wednesday’s
  • Other oriental foods
  • They sell about 50 percent of their own products from Vietnamese
  • About 40 percent of the food are similar to the foods at other grocery stores but they have at least enough of what the other grocery stores have.
  • They also sell about 10 percent of other ethnic groups such as African foods
  • They don’t sell a lot of fruits
  • They have a lot displays of their culture in the store
  • The space inside is a little bit crowded. But there is enough space to walk around and gather your food.
  • They have baskets to put food in
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