I chose to write The Graceful Granny in the drama genre because it talks about the kind of relationship that my grandmother has with my cousin brothers. I thought it would be neat to talk about my grandmother and her relationship with my two cousins in this genre. 

(WordPress won’t let me follow the drama structure. Sorry if this is not neat enough.)



A Play in One Act


Romonah Kond

Cast of Characters

Katrina Kewa:     An old woman in her 80’s.                         

                              She’s also known as Ma. She

                              is loving, kind and caring.     

                              She  has grey hair and also                            

                              she is very energetic. She

                              is grandmother to Manuel and

                              Dale. She took Manuel and

                              Dale into her care while

                              their parents were dealing

                              with marital problems.


Manuel Kewa:     A young 15 year old boy. He                         

                              is not shy and he is tall

                              and slender. He is also

                              known as Manu.

Dale Kewa:          A small 12 year old boy. He

                              is very talkative, very

                              energetic at times and he

                              is short and stubby.



Scene 1

SETTING:       We are at the village in a

                          house. The house is small with  

                          enough space for the family. It

                          has two rooms, a kitchen, a

                          living room with a balcony

                          outside and steps for

                          walking out of the balcony.

AT RISE:         Katrina is sitting on the floor

                          in her house as Manu and Dale

                          sit on the bed in the living

                          room, all hungry and sad. It was

                          a hot day and everyone was tired.

                          The boys knew their grandmother                         

                          would give them money if they

                          looked all sad and desperate.

                          They were scared to ask

                          their grandmother for money

                          because they weren’t behaving

                          well. Katrina wasn’t happy about

                          their behavior.


Manu, let’s try to be sad so that Ma can see that we are sorry for how we have behaved.


Dale, I don’t think it’s going to work. We shouldn’t have disobeyed Ma. We should have listened to her and do what she had said.


Yeah, we should have obeyed her. What should we do to make her forgive us? I’m already hungry.

(DALE frowns and looks down to the floor.)


Oh! Dale, Dale,

(He quickly pats on DALE’S shoulder.)

I know what we can do.


Yeah? You do?

(DALE looks surprised and anxious.)

What should we do?


(Looks at KATRINA who is sitting on the floor.)

We should go behind Ma, hug her and just say sorry for how we have disobeyed her. I think it will work because that’s the only option; To say sorry.


(Looks surprised.)

Yay! I don’t know how to feel about this but I trust you big brother. Let’s do it.

(MANU and DALE feels nervous about their idea to surprise KATRINA.)


Ma! We’re really sorry for what we did. We promise you we will never disobey and misbehave like this again.

(Both hugs KATRINA as they were speaking.)


Hey, that wasn’t hard was it? I know you guys were scared to ask me for money because you guys misbehaved and that would mean that you didn’t deserve it. But deep down in my heart, I still love you both. I was quiet because I was expecting a sorry from you both. That’s all and we’re all good.

(All three smiles and hugs each other.)  

Okay boys, who’s hungry?


(Screams at the same time.)

We’re hungry Ma.


Me too. It’s already night. Now let’s go to the store before it closes.

(KATRINA takes the boy’s hands and they all start walking to the store.)


Thank you Ma for buying us our favorite food, fries and chicken! We love you so much.


No problem boys. I got you both and I will always love you both no matter what. Now, it’s been a long day. Let us get ready for bed. Manu, will you say a prayer for all of us?


Yes Ma, I can do that.

(Everyone folds their hands and bows their heads.)

Dear Jesus, thank You for everything that You have done for us. Thank You for a graceful Ma that You have given to Dale and myself who loves us no matter what. Please forgive all our sins and help me and Dale to obey and respect our Ma for we have learned our lesson today. God You are an amazing God. Thank You for Your grace and unconditional love upon us too. Please send Your holy angels to come watch over us at night so that we can sleep well at night. And Lord, thank You for your protection. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

(Everyone says Amen.)


Well done Manu. That was a wonderful prayer. Okay boys, goodnight.


Thank you Ma. You taught me well. Goodnight Ma.


Goodnight Ma.

(Katrina puts the lights off.)




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