The Bird of Paradise

 I chose to write about The Bird of Paradise in the structured poem of free verse because I want to talk about the uniqueness of the Bird of Paradise itself. And also, I really like this free verse structure. My poem talks about one of the most important bird in my country. The bird itself is called the Bird of Paradise.

The Bird of Paradise

Beige, yellow like the sun,

Rising from the thick forest of Papua New Guinea,

Magnificent in all its glory,

Bird soars high to the sky.


Bird is not seen by many

Bird is endangered.


Bird has a lot of family

Each of them are unique

Bird is special.


Bird you are extravagant!

Very Outstanding,

And dazzling too

You strike like the lighting and stand out the most.


The attention that you get from the tourists, is amazing

You are covered in colors that one cannot forget

Bird, you may not be forgotten.


Bird, you are Beautiful

Oh! How attractive you are

The forest is your home

Why hide your beautiful colors?

I cannot see you,

Can you come to the out now?

Bird, when is the right time that I will see you?

My imaginations of you are deep,

Deeper like the ocean.


Bird I hope to see you

I will see you soon, Bird

One day.

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