Eldorado Springs

I chose to write this topic in the memoir genre because I saw a lot of things during that trip that I want to share with my reader. I want to draw the reader into my trip by telling him/her the story in a way that they can see it through my eyes. 

Eldorado Springs

There were a lot of things I did over the summer but one of the most important moment that stood out to me was the trip to Eldorado Springs Canyon Park in Denver, Colorado. The whole trip was filled with a lot of excitement and laughter with warm hearts and surprising reactions. It was the weekend before school so it was really exciting to finally get out of Nebraska for the weekend.

The trip was the best because I went with all of my crazy siblings together with my aunt. There were eight people including myself but the funny thing is that we took a car that can only fit seven people. So we decided to improvise and take our small cooler that actually fits in the space in the middle of the two seats in the car. I volunteered to sit on the cooler. I put a pillow on top of the cooler to make it comfortable for me to sit down. Conveniently enough the two seats each had arm rests that could rotate up and down, which made it easy for me to put the arm rests upward and place a pillow just behind my back, so I could lean back comfortably. Luckily, the cops didn’t  pull us over during the whole trip.

It took us eight hours to finally arrive in Denver and it was on a friday afternoon that we began our trip and so we arrived in Denver around twelve or one in the morning. Everyone was tired so we went to spend the night at a small cheap lodge. The lodge wasn’t that bad because it had the most comfortable bed that you could actually fall asleep and rest well. It also has a pool that is 5 ft deep as the size of a average person.

Early in the morning, the first thing I saw when I woke up were big blue mountains and rocky mountains that surrounded the city. It was really amazing to see mountains again because it seems like I haven’t seen a single mountain within those three years of living in Nebraska. When we saw the mountains, we couldn’t help but get excited like a happy baby who sees his/her favourite toy in the corner of the room.

On our way to Eldorado, I saw a lot of huge green tall forested mountains and also rocky mountains as well. It was really amazing. As we arrived at Eldorado and started walking around, the ground beneath our feet was bright orange. Also, the gravel felt really nice because it reminded us of our old times back home where most of the roads are only graveled.

We went hiking and jumping on big rocks that were by the river, one to another. The water looked very clean, you could even see small fish dancing in the river. As we hiked, the wind blowed across from our face gently. It felt weird because it was a really hot day and it was humid at the same time. As we hopped from one rock to the other, we can feel the sweat dripping down from our faces. Then after walking, hiking, jumping on big rocks and even stalking rattlesnakes, we finally went for a swim in the pool. It was really hot and nice that day and we were all ready for a nice swim. The whole view was spectacular from the poolside area as we swam and look straight up at the big green mountains and huge rocks. It was very beautiful, you could breath fresh air from the huge trees and just enjoy the wonderful nature. I also saw  a lot of cottage houses that were made from fine wood with glass walls that were built near the mountains. It was very appealing to the eye.

After Eldorado Springs, we came back to town and decided to check out the 16th Street Mall in the city. The view at night just made everything looked so perfect and amazing. I couldn’t believe it was real at all. We saw buildings that were ten times bigger than the size of the trees in the forest. Denver city looked very beautiful with all the amazing street lights. I couldn’t believe there were a lot of traffic lanes. I mean the traffic lanes in Denver is very busy and has five to six lanes compared to the number of lanes Lincoln has. The traffic was really busy.

In additions, the buildings in the city had gigantic live billboards. On the other side, there was a huge wide screen by the street projecting free movies. The people seemed friendly and crazy at the same time as most of them were half drunk on the street. It was really amazing as the whole street was filled with laughter and music along with all lands of people and good food from different places of the world.

After the long day, we came home, ordered some pizza and rested. The next day we visited a family friend from Germany and joined her for sunday service. We call her Oma and she is a very loving and caring woman. After the wonderful service we had, Oma decided to take us out for lunch. We went to a really good restaurant and had some good delicious food before we left for Seward, Nebraska. As soon as we got done with lunch, we shared some good laughs and then said our goodbye’s to Oma and the beautiful Denver city. We began our journey back to Seward in the afternoon.

I literally didn’t want to come back to Nebraska after seeing and experiencing this amazing places especially Eldorado Spring. I will never forget hiking over the huge rocky mountains and getting bruises just from climbing on gigantic rocks. I was so happy that we got to experience and get a little taste of Denver but at the same time, I wasn’t ready to leave the place. It was the most exciting trip ever. This trip was really a dream come true.


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