Review of the Red Dog by Bill Wallace-Chapter 4-9

As I continue to read the “Red Dog”, I get so curious each time as to what might happen next. I just got done with chapters 4-9 as you may already notice. It’s been really interesting and the characters have developed so much.

Speaking of characters, there were a lot of changes that were absorbing in each character on how they really act and think. A lot of amazing and interesting events happened in these few chapters and I am so intrigue to read and find out where each character would be as they finally start to develop more. I really like how Bill Wallace introduces the characters in a mysterious way and then just make the characters shine and change quickly.

Bill Wallace does a great job in developing the characters especially with the relationship between Adam, who is a twelve year old boy and his step dad, Sam. I thought their relationship of not getting along wouldn’t end but Bill Wallace showed some love between the two and now their getting along alright. I really like how Wallace connects all the little detailed events in the life of the characters and finally bring them together. He does a great job of writing the story in a way that will make the reader pick up and follow along. One of the quote that really got my attention was when Sam told Adam after their little argument that ” I’ll make it a special point never to call you son again. But as long as you keep acting like a boy, I’m gonna call you boy.” With that quote, Bill Wallace finally brought light to Adam’s character as the boy finally became someone so different and all grown.

The dialogue in this book even makes you want to read more as you see the bond or separation between each character. The writing is really understandable and very interesting as I read and it seems really enjoyable. Bill Wallace does a great job of portraying the main characters as well as describing them and other characters in the book too. I believe there would be a lot of interesting themes coming up on the remaining chapters.

It really got deep as I read more of the chapters and I am so excited to read the rest of the chapters. Now that I got a little more taste of Bill Wallace’s amazing story, I am looking forward to find out more about this story. Like I said, Wallace does a great job with the descriptions of places and the actions that the characters bring forth. He is very detailed and does a really amazing job with this story.


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    Great thoughts here!


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